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Artistic expression for the nature photographer

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Artistic expression for the nature photographer

In this classroom-based workshop, you will explore a variety of techniques for expressing your artistic interpretation of the natural world. As nature photographers, we are surrounded by the beauty of wildlife and colorful landscapes painted by the brush of the natural world. From an in camera angle, we’ll look at techniques and tools that cover such things as high dynamic range (HDR), double exposures, multiple exposures, time-lapse, multimedia expression and unique perspectives in the field. From the field perspective, we’ll look at a variety of gadgets and how to use them creatively to express your vision of the world in an artistic way. The beauty of the digital era presents itself in the enormous opportunities for creativity through photography. This class is appropriate for those who already possess a basic understanding of how to use the shutter, aperture and manual modes of their cameras but is open to all.

Reservations: General Admission: $60 | Early Birds: $50. Seating is limited and advanced ticketing is required. Participation is limited to adults ages 18+ with minors 13-17 permitted in the company of an adult guardian.

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