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Bandelier National Monument

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Bandelier National Monument

Inhabited primarily from 1150 CE to 1550 CE, Bandelier National Monument sits just an hour and 45 minutes North of Albuquerque New Mexico. Over 70% of the Monument is wilderness with over 70 miles of hiking trails. The main site of the Peublo is an easy walk from the visitor’s center with additional hikes that cover a wide range of ecological zones with nearly a mile of elevation change as trails launch up from the 5000 foot base of the Rio Grande up to the 10,000 foot rim of the Valles Caldera.

Join us on this adventure as we explore the cultural history and train our cameras on the remains of the historical architectural artifacts. The walk will include an oral history of the region as well as a look at the geological and biological aspects that made this an ideal home for so many years. After this initial exploration, we will stop for lunch and then set off on the second leg of the adventure exploring the more rugged hiking trails into the valley and up towards the rim of the caldera.

Reservations: This meetup will include light walking over distance during the first session and is then followed by rigorous hiking for the later adventure. Please know your body and decide whether to limit yourself to the morning session. And please, bring your own lunch and water. We will meet at the visitor center parking lot and walk on the paved trail loop before setting off on the advanced hiking trails for the afternoon. Participation is limited to adults aged 18+.

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