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Conservation Photography: Muir Woods

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Conservation Photography: Muir Woods

Muir Woods National Monument sits just 12 miles north of San Francisco as the very first national monument to be founded in an urban area. A welcome respite from the busy city, Muir Woods is best known for its Coast Redwood trees – the tallest of which come in at more than 250 feet and the oldest at 1,200 years of age. Framed by these giant redwoods, Muir Woods’ old-growth forest boasts incredible plant and animal diversity – home to over a dozen species of ferns, over 200 species of mushrooms and fungi, 10 species of bats, over 50 species of birds, and dozens of unique species of insects – including the grotesque yet lovable banana slug as well as ladybugs that cluster in the forest by the thousands. On this 2-hour hike, we will be accompanied by an experienced Muir Woods ranger who will share the history of the park, point out native wildlife, and identify the very best photo opportunities for our group. Your photographer-guide will help you with questions about how to best make images under the challenging low light forest environment. We will depart from the Muir Woods Visitor Center sharply at 10:00am for this guided hike.

Starting Options: While the hike starts at 10am, there are three options for how to get to the park. Option 1: Meet us at the entrance at 10am… there is extremely limited parking at Muir Woods that fills up quickly and early. Please plan ahead. Option 2: Meet Kasey Kissick for the Muir Woods Shuttle (Route 66) which picks up at Pohono St Park & Ride for the 9:05am departure and costs $5 per person (you are responsible for your own fee). Option 3: Meet photographer Gary Sharlow on the front steps of the Mill Valley Library at 8am and hike the 2 miles on the Dipsea Trail from Mill Valley to the park entrance. Of course, we will hike home too for between 6 and 8 miles of total hiking (and tons of Dipsea stairs) for the day.

Reservations: This is a Free event (You are responsible for your own park entrance fee) – Please RSVP so we can plan for the group size. We will meet at a designated trail head near a parking lot so that everyone can gather together and then set out with our guide for a wonderful day of learning and socializing.

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