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Consulting Services

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Consulting Services

I have been offering consulting services to the photography community since 2004. I specialize in services for the individual photographer who is looking to create an online presence for his or her work. I have expertise in portfolio design and hosting services as well as integration services to help photographers promote themselves and their work. I can walk you through your full image workflow from camera to portfolio which includes: digital asset management, digital darkroom editing, web publishing, and social media marketing for self promotion.

In 2010, I developed a professional photography competition management system and launched my first international photo competition. In 2012 I brought my custom designed photography competition CMS to the California Academy of Sciences where it was used to launch the BigPicture International Nature Photography Competition. With the application of social media marketing and the EcoSee Photo Competition CMS, BigPicture was quickly recognized as one of the top photo competitions in the world.

Digital Asset Management

With the invention of the digital camera, came the ability to make an unlimited number of images and the responsibility to manage them. I have worked with clients who have had well over 100k images in their “library” with no real system for organizing, editing and viewing them. Using Adobe Lightroom, I have established an image workflow to help photographers work through their backlog of images and establish a system for future shoots so they can better enjoy their images and share them with the world. This system manages a visual catalog of images, ranks and rates images, adds metadata for easy searching and establishes an editing and publishing workflow to complete the full process from camera to final output. Inquire about this service.

Professional Online Presence

Now that you have a great eye and an established workflow, it’s time to share your images with your friends, family, clients, potential clients and the rest of the world. I have extensive expertise in creating online portfolios and integrating your workflow with your desired online audience to maximize your efforts so you can spend less time on the computer and more time in the field shooting images. This service includes instructions on how to use social networks as a marketing and promotion tool to share your images with your desired end audience. Inquire about this service.

Photo Competition Management

In 2010, I designed a full service photo competition management system. The platform includes the front end website seen by the contestants, the entry and payment platform and an online judging system. I launched my first international photo competition just a few months later and then in 2012 used this platform as the basis for launching the highly acclaimed BigPicture International Nature Photography Competition presented by the California Academy of Sciences. This system can be used for competitions big and small so feel free to contact me if you would like to take your competition to the next level. Inquire about this service.

EcoSee Photography

EcoSee Photography

EcoSee (Verb)To record by photograph one’s unique visual perception of his or her surrounding world.

Eco -referring to the environment and one’s relation to it. See -to perceive with the eyes, discern visually, to become aware of something through observation.