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Digital Asset Management

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Digital Asset Management

This is the number one most requested class I teach. In this class, you will learn how to set up your asset management system from scratch to include the best process for importing your images. One of the best things about digital photography is our ability to produce an unlimited number of images for virtually no additional expense. Then, we get to manage all of our newly created treasures. After importing your images, you will learn a system that emphasizes culling your images to minimize the size of your library while retaining only your best images. Then, you will learn how to organize, process and setup search tools for your image library. With mastery of Lightroom’s many tools, you will have a plan for how to improve your workflow so that you can spend less time on the laptop and more time with your camera.

Reservations: General Admission: $60 | Early Birds: $50. Seating is limited and advanced ticketing is required. Participation is limited to adults ages 18+ with minors 13-17 permitted in the company of an adult guardian.

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