Featured Projects

While I most often work within the primary areas of focus listed below, I am pleased to work with most any entrepreneur or small business. Below you will find some examples of the major projects I have worked on over the last few years.
Be Here Now


I have been practicing mindfulness and meditation for over a decade and worked in the field since 2015. I support individual teachers and insight meditation centers through my expertise in project management, marketing and website design. Living life with compassion and intention.

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Caring Together

Health & Wellness

I support individuals who work in the field of health and wellness to create websites that support their services. My clients include therapists, body workers, yoga teachers, energy workers and more. We can customize a site to feature your services and even provide the ability for your clients to self schedule and pay for your services online. Let’s discuss your needs.

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A Voice For The Earth


Conservation photography is focused on telling stories about the natural world, for the natural world. It is about photographers working together with local communities, scientists, journalists and non profit organizations to help illuminate what it looks like to live in a healthier world.

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Deep Connection


I have a deep love and appreciation for the natural world and combine my passions for meditation, conservation and photography to help people connect deeply with the planet and to help give a voice to the natural world. You can often find me in nature, practicing meditation or exploring the world through my camera lens.

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Planting Seeds

Through all the work I do, the central pillar of my work is about doing something meaningful in life. Whether it is my own projects or supporting the projects of others, I try to live grounded in a life that values stewardship of a better planet and a stronger community.
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