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Introduction to digital media

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Introduction to digital media

This class is designed to provide you with a foundational understanding of digital media so you can take the production of your images to the next level. In this presentation, we will cover topics such as digital file format, bit depth, file compression, raw files, DNG media, color profiles, working color space and more. The goal of this class is to help you understand the full digital flow from the settings you choose in camera to how images render on your computer screen to the icc profiles of your chosen printer. Even the ink and paper you print your images on will render the colors differently. The good news is that you can control for this in the editing process. This full flow understanding of the digital landscape will help to ensure that what you see in the field is what you see in your final prints.

Reservations: General Admission: $60 | Early Birds: $50. Seating is limited and advanced ticketing is required. Participation is limited to adults ages 18+ with minors 13-17 permitted in the company of an adult guardian.

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