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Lassen Volcanic National Park

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Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park is home to smoking fumaroles, meadows freckled with wildflowers, clear mountain lakes, and numerous volcanoes. Jagged peaks tell the story of its eruptive past while hot water continues to mold the land. Lassen Volcanic NP offers opportunities to discover the wonder and mysteries of volcanoes and hot water for visitors willing to explore the undiscovered. The remarkable hydrothermal features in Lassen Volcanic National Park include roaring fumaroles (steam and volcanic-gas vents), thumping mud pots, boiling pools, and steaming ground. Water from rain and snow that falls on the highlands of the park feed the hydrothermal system. Once deep underground, the water is heated by a body of hot or molten rock beneath Lassen Peak. Rising hot water boils to form boiling pools and mud pots. Super-heated steam reaches the surface through fractures in the earth to form fumaroles such as those found at Bumpass Hell and Sulphur Works.

In this three-day excursion, you will be joined by a professional photographer who will guide you to some of the most photographic spots on the mountain while also helping you learn the inner workings of your camera and offering tips on how to create stunning nature images. This trip will be kept to a small group and you will be driven to the trail heads by your guide. Leave your car at the lodging grounds and kick back for a full day of guided adventure. Your instructor will be lodging at Hat Creek Resort. You are welcome to book cabins, tent sites or bring your own RV. While in Lassen Volcanic National Park, transportation will be provided by your instructor but transportation to and from the field is not included in the price of the trip. Participants must be able to hike over long distance and participate in some very strenuous hiking sections on this trip. Total hiking distance will be about 25 miles over the full trip.

Reservations: General Admission: $795 | Early Birds: $650. (Tickets must be purchased at least 30 days prior to the trip to avoid cancellation.) Participation is limited to adults ages 18 and above. Total group size will be limited to 4 people at a minimum and 6 people maximum.

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