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Majestic Migration: Sandhill Cranes

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Majestic Migration: Sandhill Cranes

On this full day excursion: we’ll head to the Woodbridge Ecological Reserve to photograph the Sandhill Cranes, a species that comes into the area by the thousands every winter to feed and roost. These tall, elegant birds are a sight not to be missed – so much so that their arrival is celebrated with the annual Sandhill Crane Festival.

We will meet at the main classroom in San Francisco at 12:00pm and kick the day off with a photography presentation where you will learn some tips of how best to photograph these majestic birds. We’ll enjoy lunch before departing promptly at 1:30pm on a RT chartered bus. Upon arrival at the Woodbridge Ecological Reserve, a local expert will join us and give a presentation where we will learn about the Reserve and the Sandhill Crane migration. Then, we’ll make our way out to a viewing area to watch and photograph the birds until sunset. The cranes will be the focus of the tour, but we will also scout for other birds that use the reserve during the winter months. We should be pulling back into town by 8pm.

Tours involve very little walking so camp chairs and/or tripods for photography are both encouraged. Binoculars and telephoto lenses are also encouraged, although the birds can be viewed with just the naked eye and a regular lens. You should bring water and may also want to pack a snack or dinner for the ride home. Please dress warmly and in layers as it can be damp and chilly. Tours go rain or shine as the cranes don’t mind the extra moisture and can actually be more animated in the rain.

Reservations: $120 – Seating is limited and advanced ticketing is required. Tickets must be purchased at least 14 days prior to the trip to avoid cancellation. Participation is limited to ages 18 and above.

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