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Pecos National Historical Park

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Pecos National Historical Park

Pecos National Historical Park sits just 30 minutes East of Santa Fe and is affectionately known as the “gateway to the plains”. From the National Park Service website “Between the towering Sangre de Cristo mountains and the flat-topped Glorieta Mesa lies the Glorieta Pass, through which a continuously unfolding story of human culture has traveled to and from the Pecos Valley for thousands of years. Cicuye, later Pecos, became known as one of the most powerful of the northern New Mexico pueblos. Why? Location, location, location. For one thing, it was at a higher elevation, 7,000 feet, where the growing season was shorter but the position more defensive. The Great Plains lay to the east of Glorieta Pass, while to the west there is the Rio Grande Valley and the Colorado Plateau, which in turn led to the Gulf of California, Old Mexico, and lands beyond. Whoever controlled the pass controlled the migration and trade routes of a vast region.”

This meetup will include a guided walk with an oral account of the history of this region. We’ll consider the geographic features and look to understand the early Spanish and later British colonial impacts on the indigenous people of this region. We’ll also have the opportunity to consider these stories as they are reflected architecturally during our exploration of this once powerful Pueblo.

Reservations: This meetup will include light walking over distance. Please be able to walk a couple of miles comfortably and bring your own lunch and water. We will meet at the visitor center parking lot and walk on the paved trail loop with an option for extended hiking after the initial meetup. This meetup is limited to adults aged 18+.

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