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I first fell in love with photography while in college. I distinctly recall adventuring the local area with my SLR camera (and rolls of film) looking for that unique perspective that would make the images feel like artistic depictions of my college experience. But, I also recall the starving student bank account and the cost of developing and printing images and deciding that this was a hobby that would have to wait. In 2000, I was scanning a catalog and saw the first Canon DSLR being offered for sale. I knew that this was going to revolutionize photography and finally give me the chance to jump in and start making images. That is… in a few years when the prices would come down to allow my curiosity to flourish. So in 2004, I bought my first DSLR and never looked back.


When I first started making images, I gravitated to my first love… the great outdoors. I started making landscape images and looking for macro opportunities. Visit my Nature Gallery and learn more about how it inspired me to launch a Conservation Photography program and photo competition at one of the greatest science museums in the world.


In 2008, I bought a 3 month Eurorail pass and set off to explore 14 countries from Norway to Greece. I set out as a nature photographer expecting to explore Europe’s natural landscapes and came back a travel photographer with an eye for the urban environment and a sense of adventure. Visit my Travel Gallery to learn more about my adventures and what has inspired me to have an expanded view of myself as a photographer.


And then along came Instagram, Flickr and 500px along with an easy ability to see what other photographers were doing with their cameras. For years I admired urban exploration of abandoned buildings and street artists who look for canvases in the most unusual places. View my Industrial Gallery to learn how I got involved in shooting this genre and what it has done for my eye.

EcoSee Photography

EcoSee Photography

EcoSee (Verb)To record by photograph one’s unique visual perception of his or her surrounding world.

Eco -referring to the environment and one’s relation to it. See -to perceive with the eyes, discern visually, to become aware of something through observation.