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Defining My Intentions

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The Art of Intention

For many years, I ran around chasing after amazing images to fill my memory cards. Somewhere along the way, I began to slow down and really work on the composition of the images. What was I trying to convey and how were my images to be used? Three main themes emerged over those next few years. First, I discovered the art of intention. This is about how the images look and the artistic techniques for creating images that reflect my vision. Next, I discovered my passion for teaching and helping people discover their style and voice in their images. Teaching was a very natural next step for me as I discovered endless joy in making new friends with common interests. I discovered that I also really enjoy helping students experience those ah ha moments of learning behind the lens. Finally, I began to contemplate the intention of my images. This is where I stumbled upon the concept of Conservation Photography and began to work with people to deploy photography as a way of having a positive impact on the world. What is the difference between a nature photographer and a conservation photographer you ask? For the conservation photographer, it is what you do with the images that matters. It’s about making images of the natural world to affect conservation for the natural world. Interested?

My Classes and Tours

It’s been a little over ten years since I first launched EcoSee Photography. Through the years, I have gained nearly a decade of teaching experience along with a passion to last a lifetime. I now offer photography classes in a variety of formats to include classroom based sessions, field based workshops and even as themed excursions. With a lot of encouragement from past students, these classes will now be presented in an online format to complement the live offerings. Please feel free to browse the Photography Classes and Field Workshops pages to learn more about past and future classes and tours. I am currently based out of the San Francisco Bay Area as well as Albuquerque New Mexico and do lead fun Excursion Groups if you are inclined to join. I really hope to see you out there!

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EcoSee Photography

EcoSee (Verb)To record by photograph one’s unique visual perception of his or her surrounding world.

Eco -referring to the environment and one’s relation to it. See -to perceive with the eyes, discern visually, to become aware of something through observation.

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