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The Fundamentals of Exposure

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The Fundamentals of Exposure

In this three-hour classroom presentation, you will learn about the fundamentals of exposure. We will explore the way aperture, shutter and ISO interact to control light and give you the exposure you desire. We will also look at how these three elements affect the depth of field, motion blur and grain effects in your images. One must balance all three of these aspects to achieve their desired result with an adjustment of one element requiring adjustments of at least one of the others. Not only do these three factors affect exposure, they are also the largest determiners of the global appearance of an image and therefore important elements to understand for technique and composition. We will also look at lenses and cameras to understand how they interact with the above components of exposure. The ultimate objective of this class is to help you understand the fundamentals of exposure so you are equipped to make your images reflect your vision.

Reservations: General Admission: $60 | Early Birds: $50. Seating is limited and advanced ticketing is required. Participation is limited to adults ages 18+ with minors 13-17 permitted in the company of an adult guardian.

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