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Website Design & Services

Principal Designer

Principal designer, Gary W. Sharlow, has fifteen years of experience designing and building websites on the proven WordPress CMS. The WordPress platform powers over 62% of all CMS supported websites on Earth (over 455 million sites). The sites Gary designs support individuals and nonprofit organizations, integrates with social media and email marketing strategies, and are highly optimized for search engine placement. We also focus on e-learning platforms for individuals and organizations who produce programs and events for the public or their private students.

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Web Design

We’ll collaborate to select your layout, font choices, color palette, site navigation, and content placement.

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WordPress CMS

I build on the WordPress platform, the world’s leading CMS, powering over 450 million sites worldwide.

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Integrated Tools

From social media to your newsletter to payment processing, we’ll integrate all of your web tools.

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Site Service

Technology and code are forever evolving. We’ll keep your code and site up to date so you can rest easy.

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The Creative Process

I offer creative implementation with solid design and powerful strategies. I’ll help you realize your dream from start to finish. I specialize in working with clients from the field of health and wellness with a focus on mindfulness and environmental stewardship though I welcome the opportunity to work with anyone doing meaningful work in the world.
Fostering Creativity

Design Studio

I help individuals and small organizations develop and launch their projects and businesses by providing foundational start up services. I can work with you to develop your ideas, build a strategic plan, and build the foundational tools to get your project started.

My Portfolio
Making Dreams a Reality

Launch Pad

It’s easy to dream, it’s another thing to bring your dreams to life. For some, stepping into your passion can elicit challenging emotions. Yet, the greatest joys in life come from living your dream. Let’s make your dreams come true!

My Services
Keep Focused on Your Dreams

WP Site Service

While you focus on your business, we’ll focus on your website. Technology is constantly evolving and the WordPress platform and underlying code that powers it and the web are forever changing. Keep your website secure, healthy, and up-to-date. We’ll ensure that your website stays up and running so you can focus on running your business.

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