Gary Sharlow

My Name Is

Gary W. Sharlow

Offering Web Design & Maintenance

My Name Is

Gary W. Sharlow

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Gary Sharlow

About Me

My work is driven by my passion for living on a healthier planet and in a more kind and caring community.

I believe strongly in living a life that is dedicated to making the world a better place. That’s what I love so much about the work I do here at the design studio. I get to spend my days helping people to realize their dreams of making the world a better place. When I’m not helping you build your new website or launch your new business, I can be found hiking or teaching in nature. More about that below…


I have over twenty years of web design experience and employ a grid design methodology for website building.

By employing a grid design technique that possibilities are limitless. Think of your website pages as a blank canvas where you can render the information you would like to present in any way you want. This is in direct contrast to your typical WordPress designer who simply skins and is limited by existing themes. With a grid layout, you can think of your website as being a series of rows that can be broken into columns. From there, you can fill the space in with whatever widgets you like from forms to images to text. Let’s work together to deliver your message with style.


I love to help my clients discover their strengths and shape their strategy in support of their business goals.

With decades of project management experience, I am uniquely positioned to act almost like a business coach for my clients during the design process. I can help you develop your strategic plan, product lines, marketing strategy, and brand devleopment. Together, we will cut through all the possibilities of what you might offer and get down to offering that which brings you the most joy and best serves your mission. Let’s work together to establish the roadmap to success.


I started teaching photography in 2009 and have launched a number of photography-related programs over the years.

Photography has been a great joy in my life for many years. Not only have I been able to launch some amazing projects centered in photography during my career, but it also helps me to bring a creative eye to the design process. Designing websites is not unlike making beautiful art with a digital camera. There are design rules that one can follow that feel natural to the eye just as we see with things like the rule of thirds in photography. My passion for photography and the study of compositional techniques helps me be a better designer when working for my clients.


I have been involved with meditation and mindfulness for over a decade and am a trained mindfulness teacher.

One of the wonderful pillars of mindfulness is the idea of practicing “right livelihood” in one’s career. This idea embodies the principle that each person should follow an honest occupation, which fully respects other people and the natural world. I choose to work with people or small organizations that are dedicated to making the world and or people’s lives better. It has the added bonus of allowing me to work on projects I truly enjoy and am proud to participate in.