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Gary Sharlow

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– Photography Meetup Trip Leader (2010 – Present)
– BigPicture Nature Photo Competition Founder (2012 – Present)
– Sierra Club Outings Leader (Projected 2019)
– Mindfulness Meditation Center Manager (2015 – Present)
– Education Manager at California Academy of Science (2008-2015)


For years, I ran around with my camera filling my memory cards with images of everything I experienced. Somewhere along the way, I began to slow down and asked myself what it was that I really wanted to convey. If I knew one thing, it was that I wanted my images to have a purpose. Over the next few years, a couple of main themes emerged in my exploration of the meaning of my photography.

First, I discovered the art of intention. It’s about how the images look and the artistic techniques for creating images that reflect my vision of the world. I learned to slow down and work the shot. One of my mentors once told me that there are two kinds of zoom. There’s the range of the lens, and there’s the range of your feet. Move around and work the shot until you really capture something unique. It’s about slowing down and taking your time to produce the most beautiful image available at that given moment of time. There’s no need to rush off to the next place to get the next image. I learned to slow down and enjoy the journey.

Next, I discovered my passion for teaching. I truly, deeply love helping people discover their style and voice in their art. I also discovered that teaching provides me with an endless joy of making new friends with common interests. There’s nothing better than helping a student to have one of those ah-ha moments behind the lens. Lately, I have been helping people who have a love of the natural world discover how they can provide a voice to pressing issues through their art. This field of practice is known as Conservation Photography. For the conservation photographer, it is what you do with the images that matters. It’s about making images of the natural world to affect conservation for the natural world. Conservation photography now serves as the main intention of my work. My driving ambition is to reconnect people with the natural world for the sake of all life on Earth.

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